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Expert, professional Italian to English translation services

Frescoes in the historic center of Trento, Italy


Jennifer has worked as a professional freelance Italian to English translator for twenty years, providing an accurate, punctual and professional service backed up by constant immersion in both the Italian and English languages on a daily basis. Her business relationships include ongoing collaborations with several prestigious Italian universities, major multinational corporations and a vast array of specialized Italian industries. She has also translated numerous short stories, literary articles and theses, scientific research and EU grant proposals, as well as university textbooks and several biographies.


Areas of Specialization

Technical areas of specialization:

· Automation and Robotics

· Biorobotics

· Aerospace

· Gas Turbine Systems

· Power Generation

· Manufacturing

· Physics

· Industrial Engineering

· Chemistry

· Biology

· Environmental Sciences

· Mathematics

· Green Energy

· Sociology

· Ecology

Artistic and literary fields:

· Museum and archeology guides

· Art and Art History

· Art Criticism

· Academic research

· Grant proposals

· Literature

· Travel and Tourism

· Marketing

· Architecture

· General cultural fields


Jennifer began translating into English over twenty years ago in Italy, combining her natural proclivity for writing with hands-on experience in several high-tech companies in northern Italy, where she initially worked as an interpreter and English language consultant. As her translation business grew, she has also ventured into her chosen fields of study, namely art and history, then branching out into all manner of cultural materials and expanding her expertise in the natural sciences. She provides a unique, eclectic body of knowledge and experience to her clients, all the arts and all the sciences, among a vast array of other fields.

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